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What is ZFT?

ZFT is a community of traders in the Philippines consisting of mentors and students who believe in the neverending journey of self-improvement and in the culture of kindness and paying-it-forward. We are a training corporation with the goal to help more Filipinos reach their financial freedom through stock trading. We specialize in teaching technical analysis to retail traders.

How can I join ZFT?

Being ZFT, you must have a calling to serve and to walk the talk of excellence. It is no easy feat getting inside the tribe and serving the community. If you have the heart for it, you may opt in to join by applying to Project Seed or Masterclass. Project Seed students automatically becomes ZFT while Masterclass students will have to undergo an application process.

How can I join Project Seed?

Interested applicants will be given tasks or challenges as part of their application requirements, it is critical to follow the instructions given, if you want to even be considered. To know when the next batch of applicants will be open, follow Zeefreaks Tribe on Facebook.

Can OFWs join?

Definitely! ZFT started as an online-only teaching community but we have now grown to be a strong international group with home bases in Singapore and in UAE.

How much is the joining fee for Project Seed?

The fees vary constantly. It is announced to the selected applicants, fees are flexible for different type of individual portfolio, our main qualification on joining ZFT is not on the size of your portfolio, we select applicants base on their drive and determination and the fees varies depending on their financial capabilities.

How much is the fee joining for MasterClass?

MasterClass fee vary according to your mentor of choice.

Can a beginner join the tribe?

Absolutely, we like working with beginners or those as they say it ‘with empty cups’. Aside from the level of your knowledge in trading, we prefer those that spend actual time and effort in learning.

What if I can't commit to a mentoring course?

We have the Blueprint and Trading Walkthrough course that is both self-paced.

Do you conduct seminars?

Yes! We have Technical Intensive and Rift Live. Please go to Learn with Us to find out more about these.

Do you manage private funds?

We do not handle funds as a corporation. :)

Always happy to hear from you.

Hello, trader! ZFT is a growing and learning tribe and we are students as much as we are teachers. We love to hear from you!


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