A young man from Mindanao took up the name Zeefreaks and went online to share his love and passion for the stock market. It was not his first time doing this. His previous aliases were Korrection and Switchblade. His real identity hidden, he was active in several online forums, namely Stock Market Pilipinas, DSTraders, and Financemanila.


His blog, zeefreaks.blogspot.com, held his lessons, winnings, and writings regarding the stock market and his fascinating journey.  He dedicated his work to God and pledged to pay it forward.

It wasn't too long until Zeefreaks and his blog gained traction. Some asked to be taught, and so his first few informal classes began. This was batch Mithril. Zeefreaks taught them for free, but in exchange for his time and effort, the students promised to return the kindness by shouldering the education of two deserving kids.

Out of this batch emerged one of his students we now know as Kapitan Kidlat Santelmo. Zeefreaks continued to follow his passion to teach and mentor students. Zeefreaks and Kidlat teamed up. Together, they taught the fourth batch: Zodiac. From this batch came forth some of ZFT's pillars- Robert Sy, Henry Tan, and Palzer Go Ocon. In this year, Project SEED was established. This program was created by Zeefreaks to meet the demands of those who wanted to learn but were not selected to join the Zodiacs. Four of the best students from Zodiacs were challenged to take up the task of mentoring the first SEED Batch called Invicta. From Invicta, another pillar of ZFT was found - Mesino. The tribe identities remain to be anonymous.

Not long after that, Zeefreaks' tribe gained more attention as it continuously posted stock gains. It was controversial for its members' belief that technicals, not fundamentals, are the way for ordinary traders to make money.


"It's just the chart and you."


They continued to gain recognition when they revealed the tactics of those who spread rumours, hype, and tips to push a stock's price forward. All the while, Zeefreaks started aggressively posting his stock market gains. Sometimes making as much as millions in one day, he and his tribe were accused of using photoshop to attain this. Extremely elusive and notorious for being difficult to get into, the tribe wore aliases to propagate the movement. They claim to be a band of ordinary people who achieved their goals through technical analysis and pure grit. Some of them did not even finish their schooling.


A new program was created. The first bastards, or later known as sparks, graduated under Zeefreaks' wing. Under the bastards program, the students taught were to pay in the from of kindness. The first batch was called The Gentlemen Bastards, and from this batch were Akio Kashiwagi and Celeste. They were asked to help out other newbies, and so Akio Kashiwagi was tasked to create Money Growers and his 100-day Uptrend challenge. Celeste, on the other hand, was tasked to write her blog, Rooting For Celeste.

Rumors and urban legends were spread regarding Zeefreaks and his tribe members. They were mere practitioners of technical analysis and worked towards mastering the craft. The reason why they wanted to be anonymous is so they could prove to the world that you don't need to have credentials in order to succeed in the stock market. You only need the right work ethics, the right technique, and the right mindset. However, the heart of the tribe remains on altruism. They maintain their movement as "Learn. Trade. RAK."


RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. Through that core principle, they have organized, participated, and helped hundreds of Filipinos. They have done medical missions, built community centers and school expansions, participated in blood donation drives, expanded hospital wards, donated boats, held feeding programs, and many more. This is their true culture and the test of a true Zeefreaks tribe member: the heart to help many and to leave their legacy. In 2018, ZFT continues to pave the way towards financial revolution for the ordinary Filipino. They have launched 'Blueprint' to reach out to those whose needs could not be addressed because of time, location, or financial status. Spearheaded by another pillar of ZFT, Alpha Centauri from Batch Astra, he calls this his legacy and his gift to the world.


At the same year, 2018, Zeefreaks decided to reveal his identity to the public along with a few other members.