𝑾𝑭𝑯 (work from home) - It's the "IN" thing right now what with the quarantine and the social distancing that's being implemented.

But for me, it has been my lifestyle for the past decade. This is nothing new for me. The only difference is there are lesser lunch or dinner outs to break the monotony of looking at the same things at home.

How did we start a life on WFH?

First of all, it was a conscious decision. Before marriage and while still going through the motions of life in the corporate world and in the rat race, the modern lifestyle lost it's meaning.

Being stuck in traffic for several hours a day and arriving home physically and mentally tired was not the way to go through life. This prompted a total shift in the way that work was viewed. Instead of it being the end all and be all to life, it merely became the vessel by which to survive monthly. The goal then was to look for ways to supplement and eventually surpass the monthly income from work so that a better life could be achieved.

A tidal shift in focus was in effect. Instead of spending too much time doing work, the amount of effort given at work was only up to a certain degree. Maximum effort was spent on time at home after work hours and during the weekend to look for supplemental income. Several business ventures failed. Countless weekends were spent doing sidelines and learning other ventures that were called risky during those times.

After marriage, my wife and I discussed taking things to the next level. One of us would quit their day job to look for a way to make money online. Make money exponentially and not by working for someone else. This was something that we learned from going through so much material about successful people. More often than not, it was the entrepreneurs or the ones who would risk going the unconventional path that found the most success in life. So the decision was made for me to continue on working the 9-5 job. Since dreams alone will not sustain our life. There still needed to be a failsafe and steady income so we can live our day to day lives.

Remember this was back in the early 00s. Google adsense and pay per click was supreme. Name the online money making scheme and my wife knew about it. It was successful for a short time until Google cracked down and changed its algorithms. So we had to start from scratch again. While this was going on, I was able to find work online for a small US firm. We were ahead of the curve of working from home by years.

The first thing that will surprise people when working from home is the amount of time that you will gain. Removing several hours of travel each day adds up. The feeling of getting enough sleep makes a world of difference.

Another thing is you get to discover more about the person that you spend more time with. In my case, it was my wife. Finding out how we deal with difficulties and successes. Realizing the small quirks in each other. When we had our daughter, working from home seemed to be one of the best decisions we made. Watching all her first milestones. Being there every step of the way of her growth has made the years seem longer as faster at the same time.

We never had to go through the headaches that most families go through in looking

for someone to take care of our child. The heartache of leaving her to go to work and coming home to see her fast asleep.

Cherish this time that you are all working from home. It is a treasure that not everyone has experienced. Now that you all have a taste of it, what will you do in the future so that this will be your new normal?

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