I WISH I KNEW IN MY 20s (Part 1): ZFT 30s Life Advices To Those in Their 20s

Being older, I am often asked “what would you advise people in their 20s?” A lot come to mind but these are my favorites.

First advise, find your niche.

By this time you should know your bent, your natural inclination, your favorite thing to do. Have you ever wondered why in a family with, say, three children, you find that each child has different interests, different hobbies and different strengths? And these despite having the same parents, grew up in the same house, ate the same food, and probably went to the same school also. That’s how we are designed.

God gave us individual talents which we should use so we can flourish. How do you know what’s your niche? Well, telltale signs of your niche can be, what are your strengths? Or what do you like doing? Or maybe what’s that one thing that people tell you that you are good in? The answers to these questions will point you to the right direction.

Next advise, explore your niche.

How would you feel if you give a toy gift to your younger sibling and he won’t play with it? He thanks you for the gift but he puts it away because he wants another toy to play with. Not a nice feeling, right? Well, we are like that child whenever we don’t make use of the talents that God has given us. God has great plans for us and a lot of it is based on what He has gifted us with. Once you know your niche, make the most of it! Explore, experiment, discover. Be bold and go for it!

You have your whole future ahead of you and learning and experimenting with your niche will yield tremendous reward after. Always have the spirit of excellence and don't be afraid to take risks. Our talents are God’s gifts to us. What we do with our talents is our gift to Him.

Last advise, find a mentor. Warren Buffet had Benjamin Graham. Michael Jordan had Dean Smith. The twelve apostles had Jesus Christ. Having someone show you how it’s done is better than reading the instructions from a book. You will see how your mentor lives it out in real life. Your skill and knowledge will multiply exponentially. You will also avoid the mistakes that your mentor has committed.

If you want to be a businessman, look for a successful businessman you look up to and ask to be mentored. If you want to trade stocks, find the best markets trader you can find. You have to be choosy in picking your mentor, because they will influence your life in a very big way. So always look for the best and make sure he is living his life to your honest high standards.

Being in your 20s is the ideal time to discover yourself and make the most out of it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and don’t lift your eye away from the prize. As long as you stick to your God-given talents, you won’t ever go wrong.

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Personal Opinion and Written by Anthony Marquez, MasterClass Ikigai


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