I WISH I KNEW IN MY 20s (Part 3): ZFT 30s Life Advices To Those in Their 20s

Having a lot of free time to think during this period made me contemplate the things that I wish i knew or at least someone told me when I was at my 20s.

You know the feeling of reading a walkthrough or watching a gameplay footage before playing the actual game so you know what to expect? I wish I had that in life and I even imagine going back in time to give myself life and stock tips

If at some point time travel was made possible, here's my top 3 advice for my 20s version.


It’s okay to be whatever, whoever or wherever you are now. People might judge you yes but their opinions wont matter in a few years or so. Don’t take it too personal at the end of the day they wont be thinking about you anyway so no use brooding about it.

Don’t let others decide for you, but if ever you really have no idea on what to do, its also okay to ask for advice. You wont be able to handle everything by yourself. You might think you are strong alone but with help you can be stronger. Even adults need help and its okay to ask for it, the earlier you learn to ask help and be less prideful the faster you'd get to where you need to be.


Have you ever heard of the saying you are the average of the 5 people you spend with? The people who you spend most your time with could determine who you'd become. They could mold your thinking and behaviors to match their own. So if you want to be the average of those people then spend more time with them, but if they are doing you more harm than good I urge you to let go of those relationships. By doing so might pave a way for you letting go of your old habits that are unproductive like waking up late, staying up late and a lot more simple habits that are eating up your productivity. Reading the book "Power of Habits" might help you reprogram you habits to productive ones as early as you can, this would also make things easier as you go along.

Another thing you should let go are your worries. In your 20s you might be thinking that you need to figure everything out. I have good news for you because you don't. Not everything will go smoothly and you just have to accept that, you just have to account for variable change hope for the best and prepare for the worst. And if you really assess your worries it might not even be worth worrying about.


You have your life ahead of you, so enjoy your journey. Discover your passion along the way. Find a hobby you could do as form of relaxation. Start reading books that could reprogram you to have a positive mindset. Treasure your relationships with your family and friends. Take care of your health and your future self would hug you for that. Value your experiences, celebrate your wins no matter how small. Commit mistakes, it's okay, but learn from them so you can avoid them next time.

Do not sprint to success, remember that life and success is a marathon and you need to keep your pace, take your time, relax, rest if you need to but don't stop.

In this age where things are moving faster day by day it’s a good thing to take a break and appreciate whatever you have and be grateful, for what you have might be someone else's goal.

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Personal Opinion and Written by Jessivie Enverga, MasterClass Ikigai


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