The Stock Market as the Greatest Equalizer

Stories have been told about the stock market being an instrument for riches. However, if you're just starting out, prepare for the reality that as much as people say that the stock market is an instrument for WEALTH CREATION, it can do the opposite, it can be a means for WEALTH DESTRUCTION.

My first time as a trader, I experienced the latter.

The stock market only becomes the "GREAT EQUALIZER" only after acquiring the capacity to trade or invest effectively & efficiently because that's when your portfolio truly grows in a sustainable way. It's less about the connections or network you have, not about your educational attainment, nor does it care about the size of your account.

I can attest to this since I am not a degree holder, I did not start with a million peso portfolio, nor did I have any background or close friends in the financial sector. What I had was only a desire to realize my goals through trading. Positions and titles have no place here. In the eyes of the market we are all one and the same there is no greater or lesser being, rich or poor, man or woman, black or white.

I want you to become aware that you have an equal shot at financial growth as any traders/investors out there. Unlike the usual social norms on job requirements, the only hard qualities required here are DISCIPLINE, RESILIENCE, and COURAGE.

Have those 3 and you're ways ahead of the crowd.

Do well in these 3 areas and you'd observe your growth to be exponential.

To your success,

Sirius Lee


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