What is Technical Intensive?

Technical Intensive is a fast-track instructional course of the entire ZFT System - which includes technical analysis, risk management, and psychology. Each aspect of the system is discussed in detail in this program, particularly on how we use chart indicators and combine them to create high-probability trades, all executed with precise risk management and the right mindset.


What can I expect from the seminar?

This is a pure technical workshop where all the core ZFT concepts will be discussed and dissected in intensive details plus how to apply them in your own system. There will also be activities after the event as well. You may get in touch with your mentors/coaches, during and after the event. This is not a one and done event, we'll bombard you with post-course work afterwards.

How many mentors will be there?

Since we want this to be a hands-on learning event, there will be at least 10 qualified ZFT mentors present.

Is it open for beginners?

This is not open for beginners but for traders who already have a background on stock market trading (eg Blueprint graduate) and who are really serious in mastering this craft because we will bleed your brains out.

How long is the duration of the workshop?

The workshop is held for 2 days, from 9AM to 7PM each day. Time may vary depending on the lecturers and attendees' pace.

Where will the seminar be held?

The current seminar will be held in Manila, but future seminars can be held in different areas in and out of the country.

Will it be viewable online for those not in Manila?

Unfortunately, as of now, it won't be available online.

Where will the after-program sessions be held?

After-program sessions will be held online via Discord chat and/or Facebook group exclusive for Technical Intensive participants.

What are the topics covered in the seminar?

Topics to be covered are moving averages, Fibonacci, RSI and practical applications of all the modules.

Would technical setups also be discussed during the seminar?


Would laptops be necessary during the seminar? What do I need to bring?

No, laptops are not required. Workbooks and pens will be provided. Just come with an open mind?

What is the difference between Technical Intensive and Project Seed?

Technical Intensive would be the condensed version of Project Seed and admission to this seminar would not mean admission to ZFT.

Is food provided?

Yes, food will be provided for the duration of the seminar?

How much is Technical Intensive?

The fee varies from 25,000PHP to 40,000PHP. Payments can be made via BPI bank deposit.

Registration for the November 2020 Technical Intensive is now open

Dates: November 14, 15, 21, and 22


Step 1

Fill out the the registration form:



Step 2

Secure the learning fee to this account:

ZFT Corporation
BPI Aurora Blvd. branch

BPI Checking account

You may also opt to pay the reservation fee (5,000 PHP) and pay the remaining balance before the classes start.

Step 3

Submit the form and please make sure the Discord Server (link will be found on the end of the form), this will where we'll keep you updated. Thank you and see you on the other side!


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